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The new KCOU.FM is on it’s way. You wouldn’t believe what we pay for shipping!


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April 12th, 2013

First up: Benefication

What is it?
Benefication is KCOU’s alumni benefit & new studio dedication event.
A celebration of 40 years of FM and 50 years of student radio at Mizzou.
All current staff are strongly encouraged to connect with returning KCOU veterans throughout the weekend and help make the event a memorable success.
KCOU will feature a concert on Friday night for the Alumni and staff during meet & greet in the shack.
On top of the private concert friday night we will have studio tours on Saturday; Never Blue Avenue and the Believers will be playing in the studios between 10-5pm greeting incoming alumni.

What’s the schedule?

Friday April 12th:
Noon-5pm: Studio Open House
5pm-7pm: Dinner around Columbia (TBA locations)
7pm-9pm: Meet & greet + concert at the shack
7pm-8pm: KCOU DJ
8pm-9pm: Bo And The Locomotive
Silent auction entries and/or door prizes
9pm-10pm: Bo And The Locomotive in-studio session + live interview (w/ Carl Edwards)
9:30pm: @Mojo’s – Nostalgic Coast album release party + Pluto’s Still A Planet and Treebeard

Saturday April 13th:
10am-5pm: Studio tours + in-studio performances
The Believers: 1pm-3pm
Never Blue Avenue: 3pm-5pm
7pm-10pm Reception in The Shack (incl. more silent auction entries)
KCOU DJ (w/ computer) for in-between bands
6:30-7:15pm Paige Flores performance
7:15pm-7:45pm KCOU DJ / Dinner
7:45pm-8:30pm Lizzie Wright Spaceship performance
8:30pm-9pm Media Presentation after Lizzie Wright
9pm-10pm Closing KCOU DJ outro – alumni pick songs, etc.
10pm Motion City Soundtrack at the Blue Note
9:45pm-11pm coffee in KCOU for a nightcap

Next: Springfest

Here’s a highlight from our concert series this week, Mary and the Giant.

Mary and the Giant

April 4th, 2013

The hallways outside of KCOU were looking a bit bare, so we decided to add some of our old-school flair.

New Furniture and signs make our halls shine.

New Furniture and signs make our halls shine.